People are freaking out that Ivanka appears to be wearing white at Donald Trump, Jr.'s wedding -- here's the real story

Photos from Vanessa and Donald Trump, Jr.'s wedding in 2005 blew up on Twitter Thursday, and people are accusing his sister, White House adviser Ivanka Trump, of wearing white.

A washed out photo of Ivanka and her two brothers at the wedding has been making the rounds on Twitter, where people were mostly making fun of how unflattering the photo was.

Comedy writer Siobhan Thompson upped the drama further when she pointed out that it looked like Ivanka's dress was white.

"Look I know we all know that the Trump family ain’t classy, but also CHECK OUT IVANKA STRAIGHT-UP WEARING WHITE AT SOMEONE ELSE’S WEDDING," Thompson tweeted.

But a quick look at other photos from President Donald Trump's eldest son's wedding reveal that Ivanka's dress was actually light purple.

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The other photos from the event show that the bridesmaids were all wearing the same dress as Ivanka.

But a photo of the bridal party reveals that the bride's sister, Veronika Haydon, was wearing a white dress.

Unfortunately for the bride and groom, 13 years after their wedding, Vanessa filed for divorce from Trump, Jr. on Thursday, Page Six reported.

You can see all the Getty photos from the wedding here »