You'll never get a pedicure again after seeing a picture of this woman's foot


One Indiana woman's story of a pedicure gone wrong is enough to keep us out of the salon for years to come.

According to Cosmopolitan, Jennifer White visited a local salon in her town of Noblesville for a "standard pedicure" with some friends. But what she ended up getting put her in the hospital for a handful of days.

In the now-viral Facebook post, White explains that while the salon was "new and absolutely gorgeous," the tools used by the manicurist where not sanitized.

"Well the pumice stones and the scrapers (which are prohibited in all nail salons but they use them anyway) are not sanitized....AT ALL. Therefore someone else’s germs are always on them. When they use the pumice stones or scrapers it causes tiny breaks in the skin where infection can set in. Also the bowls your feet soak in must be properly sanitized if covers are not used," she wrote.

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After leaving the salon, White's foot started swelling up. "I have never in my life experienced such pain in my life," she said about the incident, which required her to receive the "strongest antibiotics available given by IV."

Photos of her foot were shared on Facebook, with many promising to exercise caution next time they visit any nail salon. And while many nail technicians were "appalled" to read the story, some offered tips on the best ways for customers to protect themselves.

Looking out for the salon's health code, reading reviews and observing how the technicians clean pedicure bowls and other tools will give customers an idea on how clean the salon actually is.

But even with sanitized tools, the threat of infection still remains. According to RTV6, the manager of the salon explained that they "bleach the pedicure tubs after each use, but have ordered plastic liners for each tub because of this experience."

The best bet for salon patrons? Maybe bringing your own tools.

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