10 decadent recipes you have to try in celebration of World Nutella Day

In case you didn't eat enough on Super Bowl Sunday, the Monday following the sports extravaganza is another worldwide event we can totally get onboard with: World Nutella Day

The international day dedicated to the creamy and decadent hazelnut spread is very much a holiday in our eyes. Even if you don't regularly treat yourself to the rich condiment (can we call it that?) February 5th is the one day a year to make an exception. 

Nutella recipes you need to try
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It's no surprise we're celebrating with some of the most delicious, finger-licking recipes on the plant. From peanut butter and Nutella skillet brownies to banana and Nutella wontons, here are the yummiest ways to celebrate. Scroll through above to see what we're eating! 

For more Nutella baking inspiration, watch the video above! 

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