The glamorous life of Michael Bloomberg's daughter Georgina Editors

Georgina Bloomberg certainly has a lot to live up to.

Deemed one of Forbes' 'most intriguing heiresses,' Georgina once strived to separate herself from her family name. The youngest daughter of former NYC mayor, philanthropist and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, she has been carrying her family name quite impressively -- though it hasn't always been easy.

"Having the last name Bloomberg sucks," she asserted when she was just 19, in the Born Rich documentary series, which also featured friend Ivanka Trump.

However, she's come to terms with her background.

She explained to Time, "When I was a teenager I hated having Bloomberg as a last name and being seen simply as someone’s daughter. I used to shy away from it in every way. As I got older, I began to realize that it was something I could use to make a difference in the causes I cared about. I learned to be proud of my last name."

The 34-year-old regularly posts about her pursuits on Instagram -- it's clear she's been making a name for herself both in and out of the spotlight, especially as a single mom to 5-year-old Jasper.

Growing up in New York, Georgina took up riding and competing at Old Salem Farm in North Salem. Talented she won "Best Child Rider" at every major equestrian show along the east coast, according to reports.

Despite breaking her back twice, Georgina continues to compete in worldwide competitions and even founded a charity called 'Riders Closet' when she was only 23. She called starting the organization, which helps aspiring equestrians "afford" to stay in the sport, something which she is most proud.

"Starting this program is one of the things I am most proud of in my life, because it was something I created myself. I saw a need for something, realized it didn’t exist, and went out and created it," she said to Time.

As a graduate of NYU, Georgina is also an accomplished novelist and regularly works with the Humane Society to promote pet adoption. Most recently, she used her dad's private jet to rescue animals from Puerto Rico following the Hurricane Maria aftermath.

"My parents have taught me about caring for people who are less fortunate, being humble, and not thinking too much of yourself," she said, according to Business Insider. Her philanthropic passion is something she hopes to inspire in her young son -- and we can't wait to see what more good she brings.

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