The grisly reason you can't use the bathroom during takeoff

You should always go to the bathroom before takeoff -- there's a few reasons why, but one is pretty grisly.

Take it from industry experts Business Insider, Travel & Leisure and Gizmodo -- it’s against the law for a pilot to takeoff with a passenger in the lavatory because it’s a safety issue.

Since takeoff and landing are the most dangerous parts of the entire flight, you’re supposed to remain in your seat.

The bathrooms don’t have seatbelts, so when the plane starts a rockin’, you’ll wish you were strapped in. Suddenly the 'Mile High Club' doesn’t sound so fun, does it?

Dirtiest places on an airplane
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Dirtiest places on an airplane

Tray Table

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Air Vent

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Lavatory flush button

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Safety Belt

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Turbulence aside, passengers need a clear, unobstructed escape route. And if there’s an emergency landing, you could get trapped inside the lavatory.

But according to Gizmodo, one of the more grim reasons going to the toilet during takeoff is banned is if there’s a fiery crash. Emergency crews ID bodies based on seating charts.

The loophole is during a tarmac delay -- then you’re allowed.

But once the plane enters an active taxiway, hold it!

Flight attendants say the best time to get up is right after the captain turns off the fasten seatbelt sign and before they start drink service, which will ultimately make you need to use the bathroom again.

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