According to bartenders, here’s exactly how much you should tip on a drink

You’re two (OK, three) glasses of vino in, and it’s definitely time to head home. But hold up, now you’re expected to do math? Rude. 

Luckily, a recent survey by revealed that the majority of 260 bartenders say you can stick to one simple rule when it comes to tipping. And no, it doesn’t involve calculating 18 percent.

Just plunk down one dollar for each drink you ordered (no matter if it was wine or a fancy cocktail), force bae to be your designated driver and zip on home to your fluffy, heavenly bed. 

Best Frozen Drinks
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Best Frozen Drinks

Read on to discover some delicious frozen drinks.

Raspberry Fromo (Frozen Mimosa)

Spice up that mimosa with raspberry!

Image Credit: Pinterest via Blendtec

Minty Lime Frozen Mojito

This drink is a tasty take on the classic mojito.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Good Ideas For You

Watermelon Frosty

Cool off with this watermelon-flavored drink.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Junk of the Heart

Whiskey Slush

You can enjoy a little bit of alcohol in your frosty beverage too!

Image Credit: Pinterest via peaceandloveandalys

Frozen Peach Margarita

This margarita makes the most of the delicious summer fruit.

Image Credit: Pinterest via LeaPIX

Cherry Berry Frozen Mojito

This sweet mojito is tasty and fruit-filled.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

Tropical Fiesta Cocktail

Who doesn't love a tropical cocktail?

Image Credit: Pinterest via Hungry Couple

Frozen Margarita

Frozen margaritas are a gift on those really hot days.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Yum Sugar



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