Trying this 2-second trick before bed might help you sleep better

Story of your life: You’ve had a long, busy day, but the second your head hits the pillow, for no apparent reason, you’re wide awake. (We’ve been there.) Good news: There’s a new science-backed trick that could help you fall asleep and stay that way—unlike our other go-to, melatonin, it’s totally free.

In a recent study published by Indoor Air: International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health, scientists observed a group of healthy young adults sleeping over a period of five nights. Those who slept with the bedroom door open reported a better and longer night’s sleep than those who slept with the door closed.

OK, so why does it work? Well, when you open your door, you’re providing more ventilation to the room, which might help some people drift off more easily. In the study, opening the door also caused the temperature of the room to lower slightly, to about 67 degrees Fahrenheit—sleep doctors recommend keeping the temperature in your bedroom between 65 and 68 degrees for the best possible sleep.

So instead of tossing and turning, crack open your bedroom door. (Now you just need to figure out how to keep out the dog and kids.) 

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Beauty products to enhance sleep
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Beauty products to enhance sleep

Lush Sleepy Lotion, $39.98

"I've used it for several nights since my purchase and last night was the first time in several years that I did not wake up the entire night," wrote one Amazon reviewer.


Bath & Body Works, $21.74

"Use this sleep enchancing pillow mist each night before bed. Infused with Lavender Essential Oil and Vanilla Absolute," the product reads. 


Sprayable Sleep Melatonin Spray, $59.99

"I've struggled with insomnia for well over a decade at this point. Would be an understatement to say I've tried everything on the market - I've tried all of that, *and* then just about everything off the market, too," wrote one user. "This completely turned my sleep on its head."


Aphorism Night is Young, $93.00

Filled with vitamins and minerals, this beloved serum is infused with lavender oil to give you the ultimate beauty rest.  

Crystal Dreams Bath Salts, $44.00

"Experience inner calm and peace while the organic essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, and geranium surround you," the product says. 

100% Pure Lavender Oil, $11.39

Squash anxiety and get a better night's sleep with this lavender serum. 


Badger Sleep Balm, $5.49

Infused with lavender and bergamot, this calming blend of oils is perfect after a bad day. 


milk + honey Bath Soak, $26.00

"Take a deep breath and soak up the calming blend lavender, chamomile, and neroli oils — then exhale," the description reads. 


Deep Sleep Night Oil, $45.97

Infused with lavender, this floral scent "helps lull you to sleep, feel relaxed, hyrated and gently scented." 


Aromatherapy Essential Oil, $24.95

Made with natural ingredients, this aromatherapy candle will evoke a sense of calmness and improve your quality of sleep. 


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