'My hair does not look like that': Internet has mixed feelings about new natural hair emoji

When news dropped that redhead emoji were expected to launch in June 2018, the internet nearly lost it. Now, natural hair emoji are on the horizon and curl friends everywhere can't wait.

While many are excited to see more diverse visuals emerge within technology, there are those who believe the look of these new tiny digital images are a little suspect.

On Dec. 5, BI Tech shared a photo of 28 new emoji with a caption that read, "Here's your first look at all new emoji coming next year." The image attached to the tweet includes emoji with what appears to be natural curly hair and straight gray hair, as well as some with bald heads.

Source: Unicode

Since its posting, the tweet has sparked lots of excitement and conversation with a long list of over 660 comments. Individuals delighted by the emoji with natural hair were inspired to leave messages such as "Yasssss for the natural hair emoji!!!! Black twitter would be in love lol"

Adding emoji with natural hair textures does reflect progress toward making everyone feel like they can personally identify with these characters. But a significant number of people questioned the actual design. One person asked, "Is that supposed to be natural hair?" Another responded with, "My hair does not look like that," and a flutter of others echoed the same feelings.

Two years ago, massive Unilever brand Dove launched the first ever Love Your Curls emoji keyboard, which included 27 curly hair designs, seven GIFS, and the capability to adjust the skin and hair color. Many women with natural hair textures were equally enthused about these emoji and hoped that the idea would be replicated on a larger scale.

Well, it looks like their vision is finally becoming a reality, and though it's sparked a slight bit of controversy, it is a step in the right direction.

In 2015, Dove launched their Love Your Curls emoji keyboard. (Photo: Teen Vogue)
In 2015, Dove launched its Love Your Curls emoji keyboard. (Photo: Teen Vogue)

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