These holiday wish list items from children in need will tear your heart in two

A New York-based charity took to Facebook to share a few holiday wish lists written by children in crisis -- and their requests will break your heart.

Things of My Very Own is a non-profit organization that provides emergency supplies like clothing and blankets to children and families in crisis.

The group's CEO and Founder, Rayn Boncie, shared some of the handwritten gift requests she received for the 2017 holiday season via the popular Facebook page Love What Matters -- but they're nothing like the Christmas wish lists you'd typically expect from young children.

Instead of asking for this year's hottest new toy, kids writing into Things of My Very Own asked Santa Claus for basic necessities like shampoo, hygiene products and, heartbreakingly enough, food.

"I am a boy. I am 6 years old. This Cristmis I want food … thank you I love you santa," wrote one child.

"I’m a 10 year old boy I want school snacks so i’m not the only one not eating during snack time at school," wrote another.

"One little boy asked for feminine hygiene products for his younger sister," Boncie told WNYT.

While Boncie said it can be hard generating enough funds to fulfill every gift request they receive, she told the station that their viral post has given their outreach a much-needed boost this year.

"This morning a man in Italy reached out to us," Boncie said. "A woman from Switzerland reached out to the pizza place where we have the gift tags available to sponsor."

If you would like to donate to Things of My Very Own and support their mission, click here

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