Butterball answers all your Thanksgiving turkey questions

Jif is our choice for all things peanut butter, Martha Stewart is our choice for all things holiday decor. Our go-to for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey? Butterball. 

The company began their infamous "Turkey Talk-Line" in 1981 -- since then, it's continued over the years as the go-to for all things turkey during November and December. The first year the experts at Butterball answered 11,000 calls-- to date, they've answered over 3 million helpless calls. 

But, if you're not up for the (seamlessly easy) talk-line process, Butterball has shared some of their customers' top questions along with their solution:

Scroll through for some of their top tips:

Top 10 Butterball turkey tips for Thanksgiving
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Top 10 Butterball turkey tips for Thanksgiving
10. Butterball recommends the Open Pan Roasting Method to consistently create a tender, juicy and golden
brown turkey. Use a shallow pan about 2 to 2 1/2 inches deep, and always use a flat rack so the turkey cooks
9. Use the stuffing calculator on Butterball.com to figure out the right amount to make everyone at your table
8. Prepare stuffing just before placing in the turkey, using only cooked ingredients. Loosely stuff neck and body
cavities of completely thawed turkey and do not tightly pack stuffing into turkey.
7. Before roasting, turn the turkey’s wings back to hold the neck skin in place. This levels the turkey in the
roasting pan to encourage even cooking, and with the wings out of the way, makes carving easier.

6. Remember home food safety tips when handling turkey

  • Wash hands often
  • Keep raw turkey and ready-to-eat foods separated
  • Cook to proper temperature (see tip 13)
  • Refrigerate cooked turkey promptly to reduce temperature to below 40 degrees Fahrenheit
5. What size bird to buy? Allow 1 1/2 pounds of turkey per person for generous servings and leftovers.
4. Quick and easy. Butterball offers fully cooked turkeys. Already seasoned and roasted, just throw them in a
shallow pan and warm in the oven according to package instructions for a no-mess, no-fuss way to delight
3. No time to thaw? Try thawing more quickly by submerging the turkey in cold water. Leave the bird in the
wrapper, place it in a tub or sink of cold water and allow 30 minutes of thaw time for every pound of turkey.
2. Butterball recommends refrigerator thawing. For every four pounds of turkey, allow at least one day of
thawing in the refrigerator.
1. Fresh or frozen turkey? Fresh turkeys need no thawing and are ready to cook. Frozen turkeys can be purchased
weeks in advance, but require several days of thawing before roasting. Fresh Butterball turkeys are all natural and
contain no additional ingredients. Frozen Butterball turkeys are deep basted to be extra tender and juicy.
You can find more life-saving tips from Butterball here

Of course, over the years the Turkey Talk-Line has racked up their fair share of bizarre holiday stories. Our favorite? A story about a man calling in after the birth of his newborn. 

Shared Butterball:

A flustered father called the Talk-Line a few hours after his wife had given birth
to their first child.  He was concerned their turkey had been thawing in the fridge for too long
while he was at the hospital.  When the staffer asked the man how much it weighed, he replied,
“The turkey or the baby?”  After determining the turkey’s weight and thawing time, she assured
him he would be able to deliver a safe, delicious Thanksgiving dinner by the time mom and the
baby returned home.

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