Sweet! Hershey's introduces its newest flavor in 20 years

Hershey's, the century-old chocolate giant that we all know and love, is going for the gold. They're releasing their newest candy bar flavor in 20 years, and damn, does it look good.

Introducing: Hershey's Gold Caramelized Crème. (Wipe that drool off your chin.) The fourth edition to the brand's lineup isn't *actually* chocolate—it's a creamy, caramelized base that's packed with bits of pretzels and peanuts.

100 calories of Halloween candy
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100 calories of Halloween candy

29 M&Ms: 99 calories

4 Three Musketeers: 97 calories

1 Butterfinger Mini: 96 calories

4 Milk Chocolate Hershey Kisses: 89 calories

2 Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups: 86 calories

4 Tootsie Roll Midgees: 93 calories

2 Snickers Minis: 85 calories

1 Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle: 79 calories
2 Milky Way Minis: 76 calories
1.5 Crunch Bar Minis: 75 calories
1 Kit Kat Bar Mini: 70 calories
13 Swedish Fish: 96 calories
13 Candy Corn: 95 calories
15 Sour Patch Kids: 93 calories
5 Jolly Ranchers: 83 calories
1 Fun-Size Skittles: 80 calories
2 Twizzlers: 70 calories

According to the brand, the base starts as a white crème and is cooked until it develops its rich, golden hue. Sweet and salty? We whole-heartedly approve.

The candy will hit shelves on December 1, marking the 100-day countdown to the 2018 Winter Olympics. We see a shiny, ahem, gold medal in its future.


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