Creepiest haunted locations in all 50 states

The United States' Spookiest Spots
The United States' Spookiest Spots

From ghosts that only target pregnant women to something called "The Creeper" that pulls itself up walls, a range of nightmarish spirits have been reported in the United States.

Although the U.S. is a relatively young country, at least 35 percent of people surveyed by in 2013 said they have lived in a haunted house at some point.

The types of ghosts most commonly reported in each state are directly related to the most traumatic historical events in the area. The South is ridden with Civil War spirits, while the North has Puritan and Revolutionary War spectres. The Wild West will never end in the Southwest because spirits of prostitutes and panhandlers still reside in hotels. And you thought Hotel California was just a catchy song.

Check out the slideshow for the spookiest place in each state. And maybe you too will become a believer in the otherworldly.

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