20 under $20: Halloween decorations for your spookiest party yet

It may seem like an astronomical number, but $9.1 billion is expected to be spent on Halloween this year alone. However, when you take all things into account, from food to decorations to Halloween costumes (which average at $62 per costume!), that number isn't so surprising. 

Ghosts and witches don't come cheap, but there are plenty inexpensive decorations you can buy -- you just have to know where to look. From hanging bats to glow-in-the-dark skeletons, haunted pillows to decorated wall stickers, here are some of the most affordable Halloween decorations out there. All are $20 or less! 

Decorations for the spookiest Halloween yet:

Halloween decor under $20
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For more inspiration for Halloween decorations, watch the video above. 

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