Here are some reasons why you get sick after a flight

For a lot of people, coming down with a cold after a long flight is almost inevitable -- but there are a number of reasons why airplanes can make you sick.

And not just having the worst luck of sitting right next to someone who’s already sick as a dog.

First and foremost, the bathrooms on the plane is the obvious problem. Drexel Medicine calls them "one of the germiest places on a plane and a breeding ground for bacteria like E. coli."

Health experts advise flyers to not touch anything directly with their hands and instead use paper towels to turn on the faucet, lifting the toilet seat lid and pressing the flush button.

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Dirtiest places on an airplane
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Dirtiest places on an airplane

Tray Table

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Air Vent

(Photo: Alamy)

Lavatory flush button

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Safety Belt

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Drexel also suggests avoiding the seat pockets -- people stuff all kinds of germ-infested things in there like used tissues or dirty diapers….so gross!

Which leads to the next thing to avoid -- the magazines, because it’s only clean when they replace them with new magazines once every quarter. Thus, it’s safer to bring your own books or magazines to read.

Besides the germs, jet lag also plays a role in getting sick. Since it takes our bodies time to adjust to new environments, an academic director suggests getting a head start and gradually shifting your sleeping and eating patterns a few days before traveling.

So show that airplane sickness who’s boss and take preemptive measures, and all you’ll need to worry about is finding your luggage!

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