All-natural pink chocolate has just been invented (and we want some right now)

Chocolate lovers, hear this: Barry Callebaut (aka the world’s largest cocoa producer) has just introduced a new naturally rosy-hued chocolate. This is the first new natural chocolate color since the love-it-or-hate-it white stuff was introduced 80 years ago. If you thought pink was so over, think again.

The new chocolate is described as berry-flavored, with a sweet-and-sour taste. The pretty pink treat gets its color from the variety of cocoa beans used to make it.

It’s the first time a reddish chocolate has been produced without added dyes or flavoring…just the magic of cocoa and market demand.

The chocolate producer is calling it ruby chocolate (so fancy!) and hopes it will boost sales in the struggling global chocolate market. Don’t fret, Barry. We can think of a certain demographic that will eat this one up for the color alone. Just tell them it pairs well with rosé.

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