NYFW designers share the inspiration behind their Spring 2018 collections

New York Fashion Week has arrived!

Though NYFW itself goes on for quite literally a week, September 7-13, the industry's biggest designers, from MILLY to Marchesa, have spent months behind closed doors creating their Spring 2018 collections.

Lucky for us, they've given us a sneak peek of what to expect!

Fashion sneak peek: Sketches and inspiration for NYFW Spring 2018
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Fashion sneak peek: Sketches and inspiration for NYFW Spring 2018

Rebecca Taylor

“Lately I have been feeling really nostalgic about a time in my life when I first became captivated by fashion. Reemerging photos of Princess Diana recall a time when clothes were romantic and we were all filled with hope.”


"The joyful spirit and colorful town of Seville, Spain. Easy silk dresses with ruffle details evoke a festive flamenco mood for Spring."

Michael Costello

"Inspired by the whimsy and romance of classic fairytales, Michael Costello's collection for S/S18 entices us with a dreamy escape from the monotony of the day-to-day while accentuating his signature alluring, modern silhouette."

Zac Posen


Pamella Roland

“The glamour of Monte Carlo”




“Loving ourselves as women”

Dennis Basso

"The international woman traveling the world to exotic locales."

kate spade

"New Orleans"

Lela Rose

"To be held on September 11th at the iconic Washington Square Park, the Spring 2018 show will be a celebration of New York City and all of the beauty and inspiration that it offers."




"The collection is about art and expression -- and the fusion of those two things. We also explored the idea that apparel should reflect the many sides of a woman—she’s never just one thing. The overall result is a juxtaposition between feminine and hard-edge artistry." -- Liz Munoz and Kim Sippl (Torrid Design)


"East meets West" - Hanako Maeda


"Explores opposite extremes as fabrication and technique continue to drive design." - Laura Taylor and Ryan Holliday-Stevens, Solace London

ZAC Zac Posen



Hakan Akkaya

"I mixed black and white geometric prints with soft pastel hues to create a collection full of edgy contrasts."


"We’ve always incorporated Beeralu -- intricate, handmade lace from Sri Lanka -- into our designs, but this season we’ve integrated it across both upscale dressing and urban street style. The collection seeks to uncover the different realms of femininity and formality; We even collaborated with Tokyo-based etching print artist Mitsushige Nishiwaki on several pieces to add urban dimension to the collection." - Kasuni Rathnasuriya

Tanya Taylor

"Dutch landscape"

Adam Dalton Blake

"Fifteen, Love! is a contemporary menswear collection inspired by Blake’s tennis-playing father in the late 1980s early 90s, alongside his personal kitsch-craft aesthetic from childhood. The collection is a textile and texture exploration using various textiles such as latch-hooked yarns, boiled wool, velvet, and velvet corduroy. "Fifteen, Love!" celebrates the wonderfully kitsch and cheeky, while having roots in familial and athletic nostalgia."



Ghazaleh Khalifeh

"Global Qashqa’i is a capsule collection made from upcycled materials and hand manipulated textiles. Inspired by cultural co-existence, hybrid silhouettes dismiss common standards of garment-type. Their nomadic and migratory structures, and culturally-celebratory surface-layerings stem from the hyper-empowered vision to replace divisive borders with the multi-ethnic and united patchwork-presence of peaceful and sustainable coexistence amongst all individuals and our environments."

Tiffany Huang

"Umbrella Ghosts is a collection of characters inspired by the Taiwanese superstition that there are ghosts living inside of umbrellas, and opening umbrella indoors will invite the ghosts into one’s home. Using this as a starting point, the collection explores various types of universal fears through the eyes of each ghost character. Each look features textile graphics that act as an augmented reality trigger, opening a virtual reality space, and allowing the audience to explore the worlds of each character and confront their fears."


“My inspiration comes from my crazy mind. I look at a collection like a painting, adding color, shape or texture until I think it is perfect.” - Veronika Brusa

Marcel Osterag

"What would you do if you lived the day of a fly and only had 24 hours time? Celebrating the togetherness and not the singular, like so many of us have been living for years."

Snow Xue Gao

“Balancing tradition through the use color and prints inspired by the Beijing Opera, Snow Xue Gao will expand upon signature tailoring and deconstruction draping techniques to create bold new shapes that showcase a modern influence.”




Eugenia Kim

"In Your Dreams"

Laurence & Chico

"Blush Brush"


"Looking for inspiration and beauty in filthy places" 


"Shirting re-interpreted"


"The idea of a sybaritic existence. A boundless life, the story of the individual and the magnificent." - Neha Kapur Nayyar

We definitely can't wait for Rebecca Taylor's collection, which she says was inspired by "a time when clothes were romantic and we were all filled with hope."

Shoshanna is taking us to the colorful and joyful town Seville, Spain, with a collection filled with dresses that "evoke a festive flamenco mood for Spring."

And of course, prepare yourself to fall in love with Michael Costello's show inspired by the "whimsy and romance of classic fairytales."

With the looks of these sketches, we can already tell that this year's NYFW will have the right touch of glamour, edginess and celebration of American design. Stay tuned with us to see even more coverage as the week unfolds -- and as we continue the month in Paris, London and Milan!

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