10 tips for battling bloat and improving your gut health

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How to feel your best

1. Drink more water

"You may have to remind yourself on the daily to pick up that glass of water, but it’s worth it. Adequate hydration plays a huge role in so many aspects of your health, including kidney health, clear skin, energized muscles, normal bowel function, the list goes on and on." -Lexi, Glitter Inc.

2. Try to "reset" every once in a while

"Ideally, I think of cleanses as ways to just restore some regularity and balance to the system. Perfect for post-holiday recovery (planning ahead for Thanksgiving 2017, don’t judge…) and anytime you’ve fallen a bit off course from your good-intentioned lifestyle routines. The 3-Day Cleanse Total-Body Reset is just that – a reset. An easy, guilt-free way to rid the guilt that might come with a weekend of pizza, Dorito’s and champagne."  -Erica, Coming Up Roses

3. Exercise -- but it doesn't have to mean going to the gym

"Some small changes to make your lifestyle more FIT: park farther away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take 5-10 minute walk breaks during work, find a club that allows you to play your favorite sport again, go on a walk instead of out for dinner with a friend to catch up, make yourself do 25 jumping squats every time you walk into the kitchen, etc…make it FUN!" -Sarah, Fresh Fit n Healthy

4. Fill your fridge with nutritious ingredients

"At home, I have started filling the fridge with mostly fresh greens, fruits, vegetables, yogurts and chicken breasts, and trying not to even purchase anything like frozen meals, I love trying to be more creative and well rounded with my breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Incorporate a plethora of fresh ingredients for ultimate tummy happiness! Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics are easy to incorporate into my daily routine. I can take billions of live cultures in one small capsule. " -Katherine, Lily the Wandering Gypsy

5. Get into a routine

"I am a routine type of girl.  I crave schedules and honestly am my best self when I purposefully stick to my daily routines.  There is something refreshing about a fresh start in the stillness and quiet of the morning that I absolutely crave and always feel my most productive self in the bright morning hours. One morning ritual that both my husband and I try never to forget is hydrating with a big glass of lemon water and taking a daily probiotic to encourage good gut health right from the start." -Caroline, Colorful Eats

6. Keep you immune system strong

"Your gut is considered the core of your body’s overall health and well-being and can affect your entire body, including immunity, digestion and more! To keep that complex system thriving, adding beneficial probiotic bacteria to your daily diet helps to ensure that you maintain a balance of good-for-you-bacteria that naturally occur in a healthy gut." -Hayley, Healthy Starts in the Kitchen

7. Eat intuitively

"Try to avoid any and all distractions when eating. Start by practicing this for just one meal per day. Turn off the TV and cell phone, sit at the table, and just eat. Focus on the sight, smell, touch, and flavor of the food. Engage all of your senses during this process. Take your time and you may notice that the occasional episodes of GI distress after meals will become less frequent." -Wendy and Jess, Food Heaven Made Easy

8. Consider a cleanse (like the 3-Day Cleanse Total-Body Reset)

"So how it works: for three days you take 2 pills in the morning and 2 more pills in the evening. It starts working instantly. The 3-Day Cleanse Total-Body Reset capsules work with your body’s natural metabolism to help eliminate waste and toxins and are a quick and simple way to help reduce occasional bloating and water retention. My skin felt clearer, and my belly felt flatter. Overall, I felt like I had a lot more energy. 

9. Get your digestive system back in balance

"With proper planning and patience, it is very much possible to help restore digestive balance. There are steps that you can follow to help you feel your best self. First, detoxify the gut. Talk to your nearest natural health practitioner about a herbal preparation that will clean your gut. Secondly introduce new flora into the gut.  A product like Renew Life Probiotics will restore your intestinal flora.  Probiotics are the very opposite of antibiotics. They contain friendly bacteria that will help replace the ones destroyed by antibiotics." -Kelly, A Girl Worth Saving

10. Cut down on bloating

"Watch your sodium! With summer comes cookouts and high sodium foods. Look out for foods and drinks high in sodium, because that will make you retain water." And "beware of artificial sweeteners! These can cause bloating and gas and can definitely make a difference when wearing an itty bitty bikini." -Grace, A Southern Drawl


With the summer coming to an end and the fall on the horizon, it's a great time to take a moment, check in with yourself and think about a reset. From stocking your fridge with healthy foods to adding a new way to get active into your daily routine, there are a ton of great ways to get your body back to feeling balanced and refreshed.

When trying to detox and cleanse, consider giving probiotics a shot! Really paying attention to your gut health can not only help to boost your immune system, but can also give you a boost of energy -- and Renew Life's probiotics can do both! From a daily probiotic to a 3-day cleanse, there are a ton of different options you can try out when looking for a probiotic that is right for you.

We asked a few of our Lifestyle Collective bloggers to share their tried and true tips on how they get their gut health back on track. Check out all of their tricks and advice in the gallery above!

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