TRESemmé is giving women free at-home blowouts until September 23

We’d be lying if we said that our idea of a perfect morning didn’t start out with a professional hairstyle in the comfort of our living rooms, but the reality is that mornings tend to be hectic and filled with lots of dry shampoo instead of lavish pampering.

In fact, according to a study conducted by TRESemmé, 70 percent of millennial women feel the need to downplay the time and effort they put into their looks in the morning. Another TRESemmé study found that 68 percent of women feel there is a stereotype about women who spend too much time on their appearance.

As a result, the brand, which also happens to be the number-one styling brand in the country, launched “Work It,” a celebration of women (think names like Rebecca Minkoff and Sarah Levey) who are unapologetic about putting work into their looks because it translates to feeling empowered in both their professional and personal lives.

Now, TRESemmé is urging you to do the same with your beauty routine, with an at-home styling service, compliments of the brand.  

Back to school hair tutorials
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Back to school hair tutorials

The Celtic Knot

So I love the look of a Celtic Knot but I always struggle to do it 😩 I have also watched a lot of hair tutorials on how to make one and I am often left confused 🤔 Usually by my 6th or 7th attempt I get it but probably because I just got lucky 😂 I figured there must be an easier way. So this is what I came up with. It might take some practice (and more hair clips than you normally use) but I think this video will help you figure it out 👍🏼 Basically, a Celtic Knot is 2 loops of hair intertwined (what you do to one loop - you do the opposite to the other loop.) I used clips to help secure the Right section of hair in place so I could use my hands to thread the Left section UNDER, OVER, UNDER, OVER, UNDER, OVER and UNDER it (see the pattern there). You can use whatever clips/barrettes/bobby pins you have on hand but it is important to use a long enough clip to go across the middle of the loop and it helps to use a small claw clip to secure the loop closed. I also found clipping each section to the side of the head helped keep those side sections a little tighter and less likely to "sag". My daughter's hair is very smooth and this style likes to slip out so I sprayed each section with some dry shampoo before I did it and hairspray after (you could also use texture spray, gel, mousse, etc. - something to give it some grip) and I placed a bobby pin behind it to secure it when I was done. Hope this tutorial is helpful:) (There is a lot of instruction in this video - to watch the entire/slow version on You Tube click the link in my profile) Have fun with this one! #celticknot #celticknothair #celticknotbraid #hairknot #halfupdo #hairvideo #hairtutorial #hairinspo #hairyougo

Dutch Braid

Start with a 3 strand braid crossing your sections behind adding hair to your sections as you go. #belezafish #dutchbraid #braidtutorial

French Braided Fishtail Pony Tail 

And for when you can't choose just two... 

Pony Tail with Some Flair 

Perfect for the girl with extensions 

Twisted Braid

Start by french braiding the top of your head, gradually incorporating more and more pieces of hair. 

The Dragon Braid

Brush, part the middle and put the rest in a pony tail. Braid the bangs, interweaving only the middle part. 

Twisted Messy Bun

The dirtier hair, the better -- it holds the bun much better! 

The Full Pony 

All you need are some bobby pins and a clip. 

Chinese Ladder Braid 

Begin with your hair in a side pony tail, take a one-inch section and wrap it around. 

The Gwen Bun 

FINALLY she did a tutorial for #theGWENbun 😊 takes only five minutes & all u need is a hair tie, a couple Bobby pins and hair spray. 1. Brush your hair 2. Put hair in a high ponytail 3.Tease tease tease 4.Twist hair 5. Wrap around 6.Tuck inside hair tie in the back 7. Adjust/pull out bun to liking 8. Spray w/ hairspray to tame the fly always 9. Be extra Af You're welcome 😊 . SHADES from @stylebysarah1 LIPS: @anastasiabeverlyhills Kathryn FACE: @anastasiabeverlyhills stick foundation in shade AMBER @maybelline fit me concealer GLOW: @gerardcosmetics GRACE Star powder LASHES: @lashesbylena style LALA . . #hairtutorial #buntutorial #narcos #gwenbun #makeup #video #tutorial #videos #mua #beautyblogger #loveit #makeupartist #pretty #amazing #gloss #lips #lipstick  #nail #nails #perfect #inlove #batom #lovely #face

Pony Tail Braid

For when you can't choose just one. 

Messy Bun 

Perfect for day 2 on dry shampoo! 

The Simple Dancer Bun

Watch how Kenzie perfects the ballerina bun. 

Inside-Out Pony Tail 

Start with two inch pieces on both sides of your head, twisting the hair into a knot. 

Bun with Bangs 

4 steps, one epic hairstyle. 

Fancy Pony Tail 

Divide hair into 3 sections, with a pony tail in the middle. Twist and wrap the first section, securing with a hair tie. Replicate with the third section. 

The Knot Braid

Perfect for girls with highlights or streaks of color! 


“It was important to us to be able to give every woman an opportunity to use their unique hair and style to make a statement, and we thought there was no better way to do that than by bringing them a personal hair stylist who could help them get there," says Piyush Jain, Unilever vice president of hair care, North America, in a press release.

From now until September 23, you can receive a professional, on-demand TRESemmé’s “Work It Waves” style in your home, which regularly costs about $50 to $90, via The Glam App in the 21 cities where the App operates (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Jersey, New York City, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington D.C.).

Here’s how it works: After downloading The Glam App, choose TRESemmé's “Work It Waves” style (the App's cofounder and celebrity hair stylist, Joey Maalouf, says the style is perfect for all hair lengths) and input the code “TRESWorkIt" to cover the cost. And just like that, your beauty routine just got a lot more glamorous.

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