What to do when you forget to put on deodorant

Sniff, sniff: You just failed your midday armpit check. But you're at work. And you have a meeting. And the room is 86 degrees. Don't sweat it. You can use... HAND SANITIZER. Here's how:

What you need: Hand sanitizer (fragrance-free is ideal, but any kind works).

What you do: Rub a dollop onto each armpit. Give it a few seconds to air dry.

How to find your signature scent
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How to find your signature scent

1) Get familiar with the fragrance wheel.

"The four standard families are Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh and within these, sub-categories. Use this as a guide to figure out what your nose is drawn to. It will really help you figure out what types of fragrance notes you like!" Politics of Pretty

2) Start with trying light scents first.

"Instead of jumping into heavier woodsy fragrances, opt for musky scents." Politics of Pretty

3) Don't sniff more than five scents at a time

"Otherwise you'll overwhelm your nose. Let the alcohol evaporate before you judge. We tend to make a quick decision just based on the top notes but if you let it dry for a few minutes, you'll gain a better understanding if its worth the splurge." Politics of Pretty

4) Skip the coffee beans.

I'm always a sucker for these myself when I'm browsing fragrances. Coffee beans are known to "reset" your nose, but you actually end up overloading your smell receptors. Instead, bury your nose in a scarf or sweater and inhale." Politics of Pretty


Why it's genius: Body odor is caused by bacteria. Rubbing alcohol (a main ingredient in hand sanitizer) kills bacteria.

There's a bonus: The alcohol also helps evaporate sweat.

So? Bye bye, smelly pit stains.

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