This type of person is more likely to cheat

Attention single people! If you are looking for a loyal partner, you might want to ask them how many siblings they have. It may be a factor in whether they are more prone to cheating.

The affairs dating site ‘Illicit Encounters’ conducted a study within its members to see what type of person is more likely to cheat on a spouse.

Turns out people that are only children will look for something on the side more than people who have siblings.

The site found that 34% of their members identified as an only child.

Right after that group comes people that are eldest of their siblings with 28% of people on the site saying they are the firstborn in their family.

Whereas 23% of all members are the youngest of their siblings, 

If you don't want to get cheated on, try to date or marry someone who is a middle child. Only 15% of cheaters on the site claimed to be the middle child.

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