Here's how much salt you should be eating for a healthy heart


The heart is a beautiful thing, but then again so are french fries. It's a sad truth that these two just don't get along.

In fact, a new study out of Harvard reveals just two teaspoons of salt a day is linked to enlarged heart chambers.

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The Daily Mail reports that studies have linked enlarged muscles to high blood pressure but salt can add to the symptoms of high blood pressure as well.

Heart and sodium intake levels were studied in almost 3,000 people and participants with larger heart chambers were linked to a daily sodium intake of around two teaspoons.

So, you don't have to walk around with teaspoons when ordering fries, but try ditching the frozen dinners and limit that extra dash of salt.

England's NHS advises adults to take in no more than 1 1/4 teaspoons a day.

Or about the size of a penny, so at least that spare change will come in handy.