Model Harnaam Kaur, known as the Bearded Lady, lands a beard oil campaign

In just the past few years, model and activist Harnaam Kaur — also known as the "Bearded Lady" — has proven that there's simply no stopping her quest to challenge today's beauty standards.

In 2015, she became a representative for #EffYourBeautyStandards. In 2016, she walked in her first fashion show in London, becoming the first woman with a beard to do so. Later that same year, it was announced she held the world record for youngest female with a full beard, landing her in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records for the facial hair that started growing when she was just 11 as a result of the hormonal disorder polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Harnaam Kaur, The Bearded Lady
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Harnaam Kaur, The Bearded Lady
This post may be triggering. I mean who really asks activists if they're ok? If they're doing alright? Or if the pressures of work, society and life is something they're able to cope with alone? The fact is, and I have to be honest because I'm sure others are in the same situation. I still don't stop to think about suicide. Thinking that 'the world would be better off without my presence' was such a huge part of my thought process. Maturing and growing I've realised that I am a gift to this world, just as you are too. We are not mistakes, we were meant to change something in this world, make someone's life better, or influence something. We all hold gifts that we are meant to unwrap and the present to use for the greater good. But, my mind still walks back to my old days of being a run down teen. The difference is, when I have those suicidal thoughts, I act on them differently. The devils whispers are real, the darkness hovers above all of us, it's how you climb out of the darkness that counts. Inch by inch we will climb out of our dark pits! We just have to. We are a gift to this world. I pray for healing 🙏🏽 Today I love my life, and this love shuts down any suicidal tendencies that I ever have. Like I said, the devil is real and he will do whatever it takes to break us. Past two days your girl has been broken! Mental health is real! It's important! So I will be honest and tell you that thoughts about leaving this world appear, but I love myself enough to know that my existence here is valuable! #harnaamkaur #mentalhealth
Be careful with how you speak to yourself because your body is listening. Be careful with how you treat yourself because your body is feeling. Be careful with how you touch yourself because your body is embracing. Be careful with how you hold yourself because your body is watching. 📸- @catalinababs #sorrynotsorry
'Original' and 'beautiful' is what it says on my face! 🌺🌈🙏🏽 On my other cheek are the words 'strong' and 'self esteem.' When describing yourself, what words do you use? Comment below I'd love to know xx 🌺❤️🌈🙏🏽 Image- @catalinababs
Thought I'd bless your timeline with my selfie! 😂😂 I'm playing! This image shouts thousands of words! Her eyes are so beautiful! Her nails are to die for! Her eyebrows are forever on point! .....but most importantly, her soul is amazing! I don't know why I am speaking to myself like this in the third person! Fact is, sometimes I can't believe that this woman is me! Strong Beautiful Empowered Loving Compassionate I just can't believe that I've made it this far in life! How dare I make it this far! God knows I won't ever stop, and I can't stop! 🙏🏽🌺❤
Harnaam Kaur as seen on @teenvogue How awesome is it to say that? I remember once a journalist asked me what would be my ultimate goal when it comes to interviews, what would you like to be featured in, I laughed, flipped my beard back and said 'Vogue darling' and the. I laughed some more. People don't expect those who are different to get far in life. They don't expect us to achieve our goals or reach for the sky and then some. They think that our differences and 'flaws' will hold us back. They think that we will pull away from our true purpose by putting us down. I can tell you one thing, those that are unique and different are the most strong and resilient people in the world. Here we have a bearded lady on Teen Vogue, this is just madness, how amazing is this! A bearded Lady on Teen Vogue. My name and work titles all presented 🙏🏽❤🌺 Thank you @quethewolf Much love @harnaamkaur Life changer, Game changer, History Maker.
Sunday early morning when I left my friend's house in south London and got home at 6am, I was undressing in the bathroom and getting ready for bed. I still had my turban and make up on, but I was totally topless. Of corse I looked in the mirror and thought 'DAYAAMM B you look good! Your boobs look fab, I see you podgy part, you look squidgy and cute too!' I then stared deep into my own eyes and saw a powerful image. I saw my body in a way that I have never seen her before. What a special temple! I couldn't stop looking at her, I couldn't stop looking deep into my own eyes; I saw a powerful being, I felt an empowering energy with in my self! I was proud to be the woman that I was looking at in the mirror. It was odd because I was topless, but that topless image was power!
Check out Incredible Medicine: Dr Weston's Casebook on BBC I player. I play a part in the documentary where I speak about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It was on last night. I'm such a clutch because I myself forgot to tune in, and remembered when people started to tweet me about it. Haha god bless them! 😍❤🌺 Make up by : @makeupbyamyb
@dhapinder and I at chiquito's Leicester Square!!! It's always great meeting her and her sister! My brother is here somewhere alongside my other cousin!! Family outings are always the best! ❤❤😍😍
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@nikhampshire and I!! I love this guy to bits! ❤️ It's always fab seeing Nik in London ❤️ See you soon love 😘😘 #crownon #stayragged #yoursquadgoals #harnaamkaur #nikhampshire #london #soulfriends
Queen of Nature 🌺 Sneak peak of the photoshoot I did in Stockholm through Fair Face modelling agency. I had such a fun time on shoot ❤️❤️ It was super creative and the images came out stunning 🌺🌺 📷- @jlundhall Styled and MUA- @hindaloul Fair Face modelling agency Stockholm

Now she's fronting her own campaign for beard oil, collaborating with the grooming company Captain Fawcett on an elixir meant to nourish beard hair. In the campaign, Kaur, who has more than 83,000 followers on Instagram, is shown wrapped in a sari and wearing a turban, holding a bottle of elixir that includes a blend of "four nourishing and smoothing base oils" as well as scents.

When Captain Fawcett, which had previously only used male models, posted about Kaur's campaign on its Instagram, people were stoked. "This has genuinely uplifted my day," one commenter wrote.

Harnaam Kaur for Captain FawcettSource: Captain Fawcett

"I wanted to create a beautifully perfumed nourishing hair elixir that worked on both hair and beards, reflecting the way I put my own twist on how to use favorite products," Kaur said in a press release. "There are hints of vanilla and labdanum with cedar and lime, and we spiced that up with piquant black pepper and West Indian bay rum to give it an edge, a bit more force to invigorate the oil's soothing qualities."

Harnaam Kaur for Captain FawcettSource: Captain Fawcett

Kaur had a hand in designing the actual bottle as well.

"The bottle's mandala design was very important to me. It's a symmetrical geometric circular pattern symbolizing the layers of the universe, representing wholeness, perfection and eternity with humanity connecting at the center, so exactly right for a universal scent created for everyone and anyone," Kaur said. "The mandala also represents the Third Eye, or the mind's eye, which I love because the oil is made to be worn on the head, whether hair or beard, and so that felt very fitting, too."

Harnaam Kaur for Captain FawcettSource: Captain Fawcett

In addition to this campaign, Kaur has been keeping busy as an anti-bullying activist, starring in various campaigns over in the U.K. and speaking at the Houses of Parliament to promote positive body image and mental health.

As Kaur said after she walked her first runway show: "I was laughed at when i said I wanted to model. Jokes on my bullies."

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