The best booze to pair with your favorite LaCroix flavors

If you're one of the many LaCroix loyalists slinging 12-packs on the regular, we've got good news for you: You're halfway to a two-ingredient cocktail any bartender would be proud of. Whether your prefer peach pear or cran-raspberry, we've got a booze for that.

For every 12-ounce can, we recommend using three to four ounces of liquor, or an equal amount of wine. Check out the list below of perfectly paired LaCroix flavors, so all you have to do is make sure the fridge (and your liquor cabinet) is fully stocked.

(1) LaCroix Peach Pear + Tequila

Peach pear is the ultimate combination of fruit that could use a little help balancing all that sweetness from a bottle of tequila. Think of this as a margarita in a can (the good kind).

(2) LaCroix Tangerine + Limoncello

Tangerine and limoncello are just fancy ways of saying orange and lemon, so grab your fanciest (or not, we won't tell) bottle of vodka, and together they make magic. The sweet citrus notes of the fruit sing when paired with such a straightforward liquor.

(3) LaCroix Berry + Red Wine

The berry combination makes this seltzer the perfect base for a red wine spritzer in a version of a lighter sangria. Look for a bottle of red wine with berry notes, and your work is done.

(4) LaCroix Lemon + Lemon Vodka

Who needs a skinny cocktail when you've got this gussied-up version of a vodka soda (with lemon, of course)? Why it works: Lemon and vodka are a classic combination drinkable day or night.

(5) LaCroix Grapefruit + Campari

Grapefruit and Campari go together like peanut butter and jelly, if a peanut butter and jelly sandwich were a chic European aperitif. The citrus notes and bitterness of Campari naturally complement the grapefruit.

(6) LaCroix Cran-Raspberry + Triple Sec

Cran-raspberry screams Thanksgiving, so the logical pairing is turkey and football. But try it with triple sec instead. The orange-flavored liqueur combined with the cranberry will make you nostalgic for the holidays and come in handy when the in-laws arrive.

(7) LaCroix Coconut + Rum

LaCroix coconut is a cost-effective alternative for trendy coconut water, perfect for large gatherings. Pair it with rum, and instantly you have a Caribbean-themed staycation.

(8) LaCroix Orange + Lillet

Lillet is an herbal fruit concoction made with bitter oranges and often served with orange juice or an orange wedge to play up its flavor—which is why these two work so well together. Consider this a handy alternative when you run out of mimosas.

(9) LaCroix Lime + Gin

If the G&T is your drink of choice, give LaCroix lime the gin it so desperately wants. Lemon and orange are botanicals frequently used in gin, so adding lime makes the perfect trifecta of citrus.

Amy Sherman is a San Francisco-based writer, recipe developer and cookbook author who never says no to a warm doughnut. Follow her culinary escapades on Instagram at @cookingwithamy.