Anchor sparks controversy after crowdsourcing style advice: 'Wondering if this top shows too much skin ...'

Evening news anchor Mary-Ann Maloney sparked controversy after crowdsourcing style advice.

The KFVS-12 Missouri evening news co-anchor shared a photo of herself on Facebook wearing a rose-patterned sleeveless blouse.

"Wondering if this top shows too much skin (as in shoulders). Jeff says no; I'm not so sure. I see anchors wearing skinny strapped tops -- I just haven't tried it yet," she wrote alongside the snapshot. "I will probably go with it tonight (I did bring a sweater but the neckline isn't good with the blouse), then watch the newscast later and decide. That'll determine whether you ever see this blouse again. Haha."

Of course, her nearly 15,000 Facebook followers put their two cents in, sparking a controversial debate in the process.

"I don't think anchors should have their shoulders showing ..." one person wrote. While another added, "It looks great but I'm sure some will say a little bare. It pushes the boundaries."

However, most people encouraged Maloney to wear whatever she feels the most confident in.

"You wear whatever the hell makes you feel comfortable/pretty. You don't need my opinion or anybody else's ..."

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In the comments section, Maloney later explained that she got a "mean" phone call from a female viewer last year for wearing a more revealing top during a 30-second segment so she wanted to get approval from viewers.

Maloney isn't the first female anchor to spark controversy about her outfit of choice.

Back in March, a letter calling out a Milwaukee anchor's style of dress made jaws drop.

"Lately, your style of dress has become 'more revealing' and 'less professional' ... and there's no reason to wear what appeared to be a 'camisole' ... to increase your ratings," the shocking letter read.

Last year, Los Angeles meteorologist Liberté Chan was literally handed an oversized blue sweater in the middle of her report to conceal her black, sparkly dress. For more on Chan's viral moment, check out the video above.

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