Research reveals the best ear to use to talk on the phone


When the phone rings, you probably pick it up and put it up to the ear on the same side as the hand you picked it up with.

But - which ear should you be talking with?

Well, the more efficient side actually depends on what phone you are using.

The myth that using a certain side to avoid radiation has actually been debunked.

There’s an engineer named Harun Siljak whose research was recently published in Forbes. He says that research shows using a specific side for making calls actually influences the phone’s performance.

It has to do with the engineering and structure of the phone.

All iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S7s perform better on the right side, but LG G5s perform better on the left side.

But guess what, your best bet is not to hold the phone at all.

There are still ongoing studies linking head, neck and brain cancer to cell phone use, so using hands-free is best.

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