Ikea releases instructions to create your own Jon Snow cape


Fall is coming.

And what better way to skip into the new season looking like Game of Throne's Jon Snow? We hear his fur cape, courtesy of Ikea (legit), will be a trend this season.

Just last week, it was revealed that the cape Jon Snow has been wrapped in since joining the Night's Watch in season 1 is actually a rug from Ikea. Since the show's costume designer, for the first five seasons, made this huge announcement, everyone is wondering how they can get their hands on similar fashion.

“I want the audience to almost smell the costumes,” designer Michele Clapton said of her process, which involved cutting and dying the rugs.

And Ikea, being Ikea, swooped in to show us exactly how it's done.

In true Ikea fashion, the directions are in cartoon form, making it an easy set up.

With your new cape, you too can help destroy White Walkers. Naturally, Ikea workers are fans of the series as well -- and they got to work:

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