This mind-boggling Trader Joe’s whipping cream lasts for 6 months (really)

Our undying love for Trader Joe is already well-known. We just can't quit the man who brought us cauliflower pizza crust and $1 canned wine. (Can you blame us?) Our favorite grocer has done it again, this time with dairy.

If you're anything like us, you don't stock heavy whipping cream in your fridge every day. Then, when you inevitably need a pour (or more) for a recipe, it's a total hassle to run to the store—basically, it's a kitchen meltdown in the making.

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Enter Trader Joe's Shelf Stable Grade A Whipping Cream. This, ahem, heavy-hitter is whipping cream that's undergone an ultra-high temperature pasteurization process, knocking out any lurking bacteria. Voila, whipping cream that can hang out out safely in your pantry, until you realize that you realllly want Mexican street corn dip but don't want to go to the store. You can even blend it it into homemade whipped cream in less than 10 minutes. (Just make sure you chill it thoroughly beforehand.) Best of all, the unopened product can last up to six months without refrigeration. Read: Creamy, delicious recipes are no longer pre-planned events.

Image Credit: Trader Joe's

Thank you Trader Joe, for making us look calm, cool and collected in the kitchen.

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