Here's a first look at Ellen DeGeneres' new Cat Collection at PetSmart


There is nothing Ellen DeGeneres can do that will not make us laugh.

She even makes cat toys funny.

The comedian, actress and animal lover just launched her new Cat Collection with PetSmart -- and though the line is both adorable and practical (the mouse cat toys, ahem), it's her take on the new products that makes us want to go out and buy them ASAP.

DeGeneres first ventured into the pet market with the launch of ED by Ellen's dog line back in March. The Fido collection -- and now feline collection -- joins her new Buy Buy Baby line and ED home designs and lifestyle collection.

Basically, DeGeneres is taking over our (nine) lives -- and we don't hate it.

See more of her Cat Collection:

We chatted with the comedy queen to learn more about the inspiration behind her collection and to find out if her own cats played a part in the process.

1. Can you tell us why you wanted to expand ED to cats?

Because I have very nice furniture that I didn't want them to scratch, and launching my own line of toys and scratchers made more sense to me than buying new furniture.

2. Your ED products are often geared towards love and positivity — can you speak to the message you want to send with these products?

Well, I want to send out love and positivity. I think the more we see it in front of us, whether it's on a beautiful human or an adorable animal, the more we'll start absorbing those messages into our everyday lives and acting on them.

3. What are some of your favorite pieces of the new collection you've designed?

I love all of the toys. Give me a ball on a string and I'll see you in a week or two when I'm done playing with it.

4. What was the hardest part of designing these items for pets?

The hardest part was working with catnip and trying not to roll around with it.

And the most rewarding part?

The most rewarding part was when my cats said thank you. I think that's what they said. It was that or "thank meow." Now that I'm saying it out loud, it might have been "meow meow."

5. Were any of the new pieces inspired by your own cats?

Yes, the neckerchief is inspired by my cat Charlie, who loves a good honky-tonk.

6. Do your pets have any favorites of the new collection?

They love the bed. They take catnaps very seriously.

7. Why did you choose to work with PetSmart to launch these collections?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. They have pet and smart right there in the name so I can't imagine working with anyone else. Plus, there's one right by my house.

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