Queen Letizia of Spain's style transformation


While the Duchess of Cambridge is often regarded for her sophisticated style, it's time to acknowledge a less-profiled, "relatively unknown" -- but equally stylish royal -- Queen Letizia of Spain.

Earlier last month, Queen Letizia was crowned "the world's most stylish royal" by The Telegraph. The royal, who is married to King Felipe of Spain, has held the title of princess since the two married in 2004, and queen since 2014 -- but she was considered a face of fashion long before that.

Scroll through below to see how Queen Letizia became a fashion icon:

As a journalist, Letizia regularly appeared on television, most notably as one of the news anchors for Telediario. Always presentable, always television-ready, the polished, familiar face was known to the Spanish public for her reports on U.S. elections, 9/11 and the Iraq War.

And though the now-44-year-old was initially hit with criticism for marrying a royal as a commoner, she emerged in the royal world gracefully -- and in doing so, she's "reinvented royal style." From sophisticated blazers, sky-high heels, form-fitting dresses and an incredibly fashion-forward eye, Letizia has made her presence known.

The mother-of-two has since been stealing hearts around Spain for the last 13 years -- and the Spanish people's love for their queen has since been shared overseas.

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