9 things you should never do in front of Her Majesty, the queen

At 91 years old, Queen Elizabeth II has been there, done that, and met hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in her lifetime.

But what if you actually meet her -- would you know what to do? When it comes to royal etiquette, here are the do's and don'ts, according to ABC News and House Beautiful:

9 things you should never do in front of Her Majesty
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9 things you should never do in front of Her Majesty

1. No touching.

The queen’s visitors have to wait until Her Majesty extends her hand to take it.

That means no hugs or kisses, although Spain’s King Felipe went for it.

2. Don't forget to stand. 

Get on your feet.

You’d better not be sitting when she enters the room or approaches. Everyone must stand to greet her and not sit until she does.

3. Don’t just stand there.

Americans can simply shake hands, but Brits must either bow or curtsy.

4. Don't forget to address her. 

Address her correctly.

You should refer to the queen as “Your Majesty” at first.

Afterwards, “ma’am” is fine.

5. Don't come empty-handed. 

Bring a gift.

Gift-giving is a must with royalty and it should be appropriate for the occasion.

6. Don’t be casual.

Follow a dress code if there is one, and never show up in flip-flops or a revealing outfit.

7. Don’t eat, until she does.

But when she takes her last bite, that means you’re done with your meal, too!

8. No slurping tea.

Just don’t do it! Also, hold the tea cup, not the cup and saucer.

9. And I’m just guessing she doesn’t want to take a selfie.

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