Some of your favorite pumpkin spice treats are already available

We all know that anything pumpkin spice from lattes to cookies is a huge fall favorite.

Not one to disappoint, the popular flavor is making an early appearance on grocery store shelves.

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The calendar may read August but Delish reports there are already several pumpkin spice flavors that you can pick up to satisfy an early craving, such as Milano Cookies, Werther's original caramels, Life's limited edition by Quaker Oats and Cheerios.

But, the list doesn't end there!

There are a few more ways to add a little pumpkin spice in your daily routine.

Nestle's Coffee mate has already released their Pumpkin spice creamer right alongside Starbucks packaged coffee and Dunkin Donuts too!

This must mean pumpkin pickin' season is right around the corner.