Saint Laurent's new roller skate stilettos are the coolest --but most baffling -- things you'll see today

Saint Laurent just released a new shoe collection -- and though stunning, the shoes seem like something even Carrie Bradshaw would find difficulty in.

The designer powerhouse's Fall 2017 collection includes roller skate stilettos and sneakers. Exactly as it sounds, the sky-high heels and high tops are attached to chunky wheels -- as if we didn't find enough difficulty in walking around in heels already.

Of course, the YSL creations don't come cheap. According to Who What Wear, the Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller sell for £1995 (or $2600), while the roller skate sneakers boast a cheaper price tag (at, ahem, $1195.)

Though impractical for our clumsy (and broke) selves, we can't help but admire the sheer talent of these Saint Laurent designers. The delicate detail and intricate design makes us wish we could pull off something so sophisticated for our feet.

The company's new creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, simply outdid himself with a new collection to make even Cinderella jealous.

Leave it to Twitter to bring us back to reality with some pretty relatable tweets.

The new collection will solely be sold in stores.