Here are the reasons why the rules of chivalry are changing

No guys, we don't need you to pull out our chairs, but what we'd like is for you to call us when you say you're going to.

Because our time is just as valuable as yours.

The Daily Mail reports the rules of chivalry are changing and that's according to

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The dating giant surveyed over 500 single women and yes a whopping 84 percent agree the calling situation is what women want the most.

Not far behind is checking in to see if their data got home safely.

And don't even think about canceling a date last minute unless you can prove you're really stuck at work.

Technology is changing the chivalry game too.

Seventy-six percent of women want their date to let her borrow his phone when her batter runs out

We're not going to call you out on seeing a text from Alisha - not on the first date at least.

And just over 60 percent of women think it's romantic to post couple pictures on the gram.

While this one my go without saying - ghosting or vanishing after a few great dates is very uncool.

What the study does reveal is that while chivalry may be dead - good manners never left