Behati Prinsloo on beauty, skincare, and motherhood -- and how she gets that gorgeous glow


Behati Prinsloo is a natural beauty. And now, as she stars in a new SK-II campaign, she's taking us along for the ride.

Over 30 days, Prinsloo is partnering with SK-II on their #OneBottleAwayFrom campaign, where she uses the brand's famed Facial Treatment Essence to show how it can transform your skin and get you ready for your next big moment.

For Prinsloo, that moment was getting back to work after welcoming little Dusty Rose into the world last September.

"I love the approach [for the campaign] -- to make women feel empowered and that they can take on a big moment in their life with clear and beautiful skin. We all feel so much more confident and beautiful when we have an amazing complexion and clear, radiant skin."

Behati Ppinsloo for SK-II
Behati Ppinsloo for SK-II

As a supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel, Prinsloo is constantly on the move from one job to the next, and a life in the spotlight can wreak havoc on your skin. She always makes sure to wash her face morning and night, but she's also diligent about using sunscreen every single day -- and has been perpetually on the hunt for a product that moisturizes without being oily.

And of course, motherhood has also changed her approach to skincare a bit.

"I have less time for myself, but also the time that I have for myself, I really cherish."

That's also why she's really loving the SK-II Essence.

"Since it's such a luxury now to have free time," she laughs, "I love a product that does a lot of different things. i don't have to use like 5 different products ... I can just use the essence on my skin and it gives me that radiance, it hydrates, and it tones."

So what is Prinsloo's beauty philosophy, and wha does she want to teach her daughter as she grows up? Take care of yourself, and love the you that you're given.

"I want to teach her that having confidence is the most beautiful thing, no matter how you look on the outside. It's about radiating that confidence and knowing that you're unique, and one of a kind. You don't have to look like anyone else."

Find out more about the #OneBottleAwayFrom campaign here, and follow along with Behati Prinsloo's journey on social.

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