The real name for a single strand of spaghetti is baffling the internet

Warning: Explicit language below.

Now, here's a trivia question to put your culinary skills to the test.

Do you know the technical name for a single strand of spaghetti? We've never really thought about it, to be honest. And if we ever wanted a mere piece (who really wants just one piece of pasta?), we'd simply just ask for a teensy bite.

But the actual term for a single spaghetti noodle -- which is, by the way, "spaghetto" -- has quickly ignited the internet. The saga began when Twitter user Caroline Ramsey tweeted the definition, along with her own dismay.

Not even our own spell check recognizes the word, quickly underlining "spaghetto" in bold red squiggles.

The tweet quickly went viral, with nearly 19,000 people expressing similar shock.

Others, however, were not concerned by Caroline's revelation at all.

The more you know.

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