South Korea's president adopted a shelter dog -- and she's stealing hearts around the world

Welcome, Tory!

South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in, officially welcomed the shelter dog to his home, the Blue House. The a four-year-old black mixed breed joins the presidential family's two other pets -- a dog, Maru, and a cat, Jjing-jjing.

According to YonHap, this is the first time that a shelter dog has become the First Dog. Animal rights were a big part of the president's campaign -- President Moon Jae-in had promised to rescue a dog after touring one of the local shelters during the election period, said BBC.

See more of Tory:

Tory was initially rescued from a dog meat farm two years ago. But because of the country's prejudice against black dogs, rescuers had a hard time getting Tory adopted. That's when President Moon Jae-in stepped in, offering the homeless pooch a lifetime of happiness.

h/t BBC

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