Why you need to stop ghosting your lunch break

When did taking time to feed yourself go out of style?

We've all somehow become okay with eating a sad lunch, hunched over our keyboards, pretending to work. Only 1 in 5 of us actually step away from our desks for lunch, according to a survey by Right Management. And while some may think working through lunch makes them look more dedicated, it's actually counterproductive.

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Not only are you entitled to take time to recharge, studies show changing up your environment improves creativity and just a few minutes outdoors can cut down on stress. Researchers also say you're more productive after taking a break. If you're anxious about being the only one, grab a lunch buddy. Your coworkers are probably dying to get out, too!

So take your guilt & soup slurping out of the office. It's not only better for your well-being, you'll be a better employee (and have a cleaner workspace).

Work hard but lunch break harder.

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