This unlikely New York beach is the priciest beach in America

​​​​​There are some things in life we just have to accept, like how planning a beach vacation is going to cost you big bucks.

Hotels sneak up in price the closer to a beach you get. And throw in a beach view room, and that Christmas wish list starts getting smaller.

But if you think back to high school economics - not all beach vacations are created equal -- like the old supply and demand rule.

East coast beaches have two to three months to make up a year's worth of revenue, that beaches in warmer climates benefit from.

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Maybe that's why a survey from Cheap Hotels found New York's Montauk beach the priciest beach destination in the US.

The web site's survey looked at the lowest price tourists would pay for a double room in the cheapest hotel in the busy month of August.

At its cheapest, Montauk averaged $312 a night.

Further up the coast is New England's Nantucket which comes in number 2. Across the country, Cannon Beach in Oregon comes in at 3 with the cheapest hotel averaging $262.

The only beach in a warm climate to make the top 5 was Santa Monica but it's the price to pay for being in California.

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