This Giant poodle is the most amazing best friend

We can't picture a better friendship than this.

Mame, a one-year-old Japanese girl and her giant poodle Riku are definitely winning this year's BFF prize.

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From eating, sleeping to dressing up, this duo look pretty inseparable.

Their adorable explorations are posted on an Instagram account that appears to be run by Mame's grandfather who goes under the moniker Tamanegi, or "Onion."\But Riku's not the only dog Mame has.

She's also got two other dogs, Gaku and Qoo to keep her company.

Check out the adorable photos below:

Giant or Royal poodles are not actual breeds of dog but a commonly used marketing term used to describe very large standard poodles.

They can measure up to 25 inches (63cm) at the shoulder and weigh more than 60 pounds (27kg).

Naturally, like all other best friends, they play hide-and-seek together.

Enjoy food together.

And even get a bit of morning reading in together.