Reason you may want to stop buying ground beef at the supermarket


Summer means grilling, and what's better than a nice juicy burger?

Even though your homemade burger is tasty, you might want to reconsider it before turning on that grill.

Restaurants often get a bad rep for serving burger patties that can potentially come from over a hundred different cows.

But turns out a lot of supermarkets do the same thing.

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Huffington Post reports that Sutter Meats butcher Terry Ragasa confirmed supermarkets are guilty of the habit.

Ragasa told Huffington Post that supermarkets are getting their meat from "these large distributors where one pound of ground meat can contain meat from up to a thousand different animals."

This practice makes it impossible to trace back the meat source.

Without traceability, foodborne illness outbreaks cannot be contained.

While Ragasa says not every supermarket does this, the best way to guarantee the freshness of your ground beef is to find a butcher who grinds their meat daily.

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