Tips to beat the heat while staying fashionably cool

While 90-degree weather means the beach, lobster rolls and summer bbq's, those hot temps can do a number on your sense of fashion.

However, everybody sweats and that's OK so long as you're equipped with a few expert tips.

On Saturday, online fashion giant Revolve teamed up with Moët & Chandon to host an epic summer bash in the Hamptons.

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Take a cue from supermodel Elsa Hosk who arrived at the party sans heels.

After all, wearing heels isn't easy and less work means less sweat so break out jeweled flats and save the heels for when the sun goes down.

Actress Olivia Culpo beat the heat by going baggy. Even though more fabric may seem like it'd be hotter, Refinery29 reports the extra room lets more air circulate which keeps sweat at bay.

Experts say to ditch the solids. Prints and patterns are great for minimizing obvious sweat stains.

In addition, opt for natural fibers instead of synthetics. While polyester is easier on the wallet, it's not worth the inevitable tugging and worry.

When it comes to summer style, don't sweat it.