Map reveals what people love to hate by state

Would you date someone because you both hate all the same things? The dating app Hater certainly suggests so.

Thanks to data collected from their users, Hater has now shared a map of America showing what people in each state hate the most.

People in Arkansas hate cleaning, so if you want to find love there, you should also find room in the budget for a housekeeper.

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Shockingly, people in Colorado hate N'SYNC. But N'SYNC gave us Justin Timberlake so perhaps change the hate to thankfulness Colorado.

Oklahoman's claim to hate hearing the latest gossip, so I guess what they love is denial.

Daters in Nevada hate feminism, so Emma Watson should definitely avoid that state if she is looking for love.

Singles looking to mingle in Minnesota hate drinking alone, which makes grabbing a drink with a sexy stranger all the more appealing.

Apparently, common interests don't have to be limited to what you both like.