This shelter cat's extremely long legs will blow your mind


Talk about legs for days!

Reddit user McPokie shared photos of a 2-year-old shelter cat in Australia named Quenda on Monday, and her long limbs have walked her straight into the internet spotlight.

The photos of the momma cat, who "just finished weening her kittens" and was spayed shortly thereafter, had already received over 66,200 "upvotes" on Reddit -- a number which continues to climb.

Naturally, Reddit users have come up with a few A+ recommendations about what Quenda should really be called: Cat Skellington, Slendercat and Edward Scissorpaws, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, if you were looking to adopt this newly-famous cat, we've got some bad news for you.

McPokie took to Reddit again to share that, "due to her legs going on forever and ever," the shelter received a high volume of adoption requests for Quenda.

She has successfully been adopted and will soon heading off to her "forever home," he said.