A bikini competition aims to reinvent what it means to get older

All contestants in a bikini competition in China are older than 55.

The organizers of the contest want people to know getting older is no big deal.

China has one of the fastest-growing elderly populations in the world. And a Pew Research Center survey found 67 percent of Chinese said aging was a problem there.

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Inside the competition:

But at the bikini contest, no one seems too concerned — especially the more than 400 participants.

"[We] should let the elderly live a healthy life rather than live in illness. Time of long-term care [for the elderly] — which worries our family, society and the government most and which is the biggest responsibility for them — is shortened through healthy and active pursuits," said Fang Jiake of Hetong Elderly Welfare Association.

Various awards are up for grabs. The judges rate participants' stage presence, smiles and gestures.

This is the third annual competition. This year, the oldest contestant is a 78-year-old cancer survivor.

"I'm very honored. I can participate in a bikini [contest] at this age. For me it means [I'm] mentally happy and physically healthy," competitor Ma Jing said.

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