A Texas man has undergone an amazing 230-pound transformation to join the US Army

William Guinn Jr. of Abilene, Texas, has changed his life for the better and is living the dream following a family legacy.

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Guinn Jr. made the decision in February 2016 to lose weight. At the time, he weighed 456 pounds. But after 14 months of working out and eating right, Guinn Jr. now weighs 230 pounds.

His goal was to be able to join the U.S. Army, and by July 2017 that goal was realized.

Guinn Jr. was sworn in to the Army on July 13 in Dallas.

Three months ago, Guinn Jr. posted about his incredible weight loss and achieving his goal.

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The results speak for themselves:

Guinn Jr. has said that following in footsteps of his grandparents motivated him to join the military.

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