Alton Brown just named this city the 'top food town in America'


While on the road for his Eat Your Science tour,Alton Brown has been making time to visit some of the best local restaurants in the cities he's visiting. And thanks to his Instagram we have a digital food journal tracking each latte and piece of fried chicken along the way.

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Recently, Brown has been taking Los Angeles by storm, leading him to name the city the "top food town in America right now." Check out a few of our favorite posts from the trip, starting with Kismet where Brown got in on a little rhubarb Aperol Spritzer action to go with his feta salad and jeweled crunchy rice.

Just a few days later, Brown posted a photo from Salazar, saying the guacamole is "worth the wait." We couldn't agree more; great guac is always worth waiting for.

Just yesterday, Brown hit up Silver Lake's Night + Market Song, where he and his cameraman indulged in some delicious looking Thai food.

Where Brown goes next is anyone's guess, but we guarantee it will be delicious.

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