Could artificial sweeteners actually be making you fat?

If you're a coffee drinker, chances are you might opt for an artificial sweetener instead of sugar sometimes.

A new report published in the Canadian medical association journal found that, when it comes to weight loss, artificial sweeteners may actually make things worse.

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The report, which looked at 37 previous studies, found that using artificial sweeteners at least once a day led to higher risk of weight gain, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

However, critics argue more research is needed to single out sweeteners as the cause.

For example, people who consume artificial sweeteners may then think they can consume more calories.

They could also be more prone to eating processed foods which are linked to hypertension and heart-related issues.

Time reports the Calorie Control Council, which reps the low calories food and beverage industry, says nothing has been confirmed and that artificial sweeteners should come with an individualized plan for staying healthy.

Still, if heart problems scare you, maybe stick to just milk in your morning java.