These are the most stressed cities in America

Stress permeates our daily lives, from work to relationships to politics and more. But does where you live make a difference?

WalletHub's latest ranking, "2017's Most & Least Stressed Cities in America," out Tuesday, listed the most and least stressed cities in the U.S.

Check them out below:

Newark, New Jersey, holds the most-stressed-city slot, followed by Detroit, Michigan, and Cleveland, Ohio. San Bernardino, California, and Shreveport, Louisiana, are among the other most stressed cities.

As for the least stressed city in U.S.? That title goes to Fremont, California. Interestingly, Arizona is home to three of the 10 least-stressed cities on the list (Peoria, Gilbert and Scottsdale).

Analysts determined the rankings by looking at four groups of data: work stress, financial stress, family stress and health and safety stress. Among these four categories, analysts evaluated 30 metrics, including unemployment rate, poverty rate, strength of social ties and share of adult smokers.

Some cities on the list had a number stressful variables in common. Researchers found the highest poverty rates in Detroit, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, Brownsville, Texas, Rochester, New York, and San Bernardino, California. The highest divorce rates were in Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, Birmingham, Alabama, Rochester, New York, and Richmond, Virginia.

The most stressed cities can be found above, and the full list is here.