Determined dog swims through floodwaters to fetch toy

A pup made the best out of a bad situation when she was caught on camera playing fetch through floodwaters after a severe storm in Illinois.

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Kristen Tahiri's backyard in Grayslake was left flooded Wednesday after heavy rains in her area.

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"We got close to seven inches of rain and I've never had water like that in my yard, ever," Tahiri told "There's not even a sewer back there or anything."

But Lily, her 1-year-old dog, didn't seem to mind the flooding at all.

In a video Tahiri posted to Facebook, Lily could be seen diving straight into the murky water and playing fetch with a toy.

"She actually jumped in earlier after a squirrel," Tahiri said. "At that point I was like, 'Oh well, you're in it. We'll give you a bath later.'"

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She explained the flooding, which created a nearly two-foot-deep pool in her backyard, subsided after nearly 12 hours.

Tahiri said many of the things stored in the garage were destroyed, and the flooding left a pit of mud in her backyard — and one very wet dog.

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