The laziest country in the world isn't America

When it comes to being lazy, Americans get a bad rap. What's that all about?

Other than being a really obese country, is all that judgment really deserved?

According to a new study out of Stanford University, the answer is yes.

The study's author told the BBC that the study is one of the largest on human movement.

It researched the smart phone step counters of 700,000 people in 46 countries.

While America didn't fare well on the list, it didn't come in last.

That spot belongs to Indonesia, which averaged 3,513 steps.

Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and the Philippines aren't far ahead.

Taiwan and the U.K round out in the middle range of the list with 5,000 and 5,444 steps respectively.

America came in at 17th from the bottom at 4,774 steps.

Canada may have a beautiful man as their leader but, with only 4,819 steps, they're not that far ahead of the U.S.

Hong Kong came in as the least lazy country racking in 6,880 steps.

The study showed, however, that obesity rates didn't relate to more or fewer steps but rather to the gap between heavy walkers and those who didn't walk all that much.

So get to stepping America! But perhaps walk in the opposite direction of your favorite fast food place.